Thursday, 12 November 2015

Bridal Shower Gift for My Dear Friend

Did this illustration for my best friend Acel for her bridal shower gift.  A picture of me, Devy and Nyssa giving blessing to our little Miss Sunshine. I cant put into words how happy I am to see my dear BFF finally become a bride and made such a huge step up in life!

This is my 1st time printing  on canvas paper, and very satisfied with the result! ^^ Thanks Briliant Prints for the briliant service! :D

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Splashy Birds

I was working on a mobile game title called "Splashy Birds" with +Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Noor .
We were developing the game as a part time basis, wanting to learn and go through the process on how to make an app from the beginning to the end.

I was in charge of the art assets, where in the other hand, my friend Firdaus was working on the programming side. Along the way, Fir was participating on giving some input on how to improve the visual. Since both of us comes from a visual background. It was such an up and down journey for both of us to finally ship the product to the app store~ The whole process has been amazing!

Link to download the game:
Google Play:

Animal Wars - Game Prototype

Did some art assets for a game prototype. A bunch of artists get to be paired up with game designers to come out with interesting game ideas. Even though we didn't really make the real thing at the end of the day, it was indeed a very fun activity! 

"Animal Wars" is a side scrolling tower defense game where the players can invest on some resources to empower their army of animals and defend their base.

Japan Life

Some building design I did for "Japan Life" by Nubee Pte Ltd. 

Monstar Fishing

Trailer of the game:

Some design of the monster fishes:
"Monstar Fishing" is another game from Nubee Pte Ltd that I was involved with. I was working on the rod and also some of the monster design. It was a very fun game to create and to play with! Unfortunately it has been taken down from the app store.

Demon Buster

Trailer of the game:

Development and sketches:

Sample of the Hunter Cards:

 *Some of the hunter cards evolution are edited - handed over to me from another artists

Background and in-game assets:

I was working on a title called "Demon Busters", mobile game by Nubee Singapore Pte Ltd. Unfortunately, the game is no longer available in the store. I was involved in creating the art assets (background, in-game objects, hunter cards, weapon, etc) and also promotional marketing banner.

Witch, Wizard, Fairy, and Magic Academy!

Travelling around Europe - More Sketches and Ink Blot

I did these ink sketches around November-December last year (2014)~ It's been a lot of fun travelling around Southern part of Europe with my family! I was very inspired by their fashion in the cold weather and also their building design! Inspirations are everywhere, I couldn't get enough!

Fantasy Life~

An old post from last year. Did my character drawing from Fantasy Life game. I drew both of my friend characters too~ Been too long since I used copic markers to color. and it was really fun!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Holyfish! It's a giant Moss Narwhal!

Another Instagram post from last year.. 
Inktober has ended, 
However, I still want to be productive and try my best to churn out 1 drawing a day. 

It was early November, I attended Pascal Champion masterclass with Storytelling as the main topic.
After going through the class, I realize that I've been lacking stories in all of my works.
It is incredibly challenging to actually incorporate stories through images.

For these 2 shots I'm trying to make a short and simple sequences without words.
With a hope that people can understand the story in a glance.