Monday, 3 March 2014

Turnip Girl

I've been very busy with freelance work for the past few months. It's really great to finally get to do my own personal project again! :D This piece is inspired by Indonesian village girl and Harvest Moon.

I've always wanted to do something related to my own country. It has a very beautiful scenery with very rich cultural aspect. I hope I can contribute something to promote their beauty in the future. ^^ 
And recently I saw the trailer for upcoming Harvest Moon in 3DS, brought me back to the time when I played the PS1 version long long time ago..Really love plucking the turnip out from the ground! 

While doing this piece, I realized that I used to be very greedy with color.. From now on I would put more importance in value and balance them out. 

The best part of drawing is the process and never about the result. I'm very happy get to learn new stuff every time I do my own project. ^^

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