Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Workshop with Arthur Fong and Tom Zhao: A Young Hero Who Avenges His Father

Some rough sketches I did during the workshop, I learnt that I have to explore more freely on shapes and proportion since that I am always stuck in a similar or not so different thumbs.

1st attempt going for a more animated approach.

 2nd attempt, did some tight rendering on the guy but I don't really quite like him.

3rd attempt, I wanted to do a heroine that is inspired by Princess Mononoke. 

Rendered version of the Kid, following some tips from Arthur Fong. I try to minimize the amount of highlight and rim light which always make my character looks glossy and spotty.

Here is the updated rendered version of the villain, the Thorny Tiger.. Working out the bones on his body. And experiment painting with some texture brush.

Doing sets and interior has always been my passion lately. I am having a lot of fun with this one despite a very short deadline. I imagine the hero's clan was wiped out during the incident that he has to create his home on a tree top. The materials of the house he gather and build himself. He still keep all the memento of his clan around to remind him who they were.

Trying out some color composition on the set. I kind of like the atmosphere and the mood of the afternoon sunset.

Another tryout on a morning color composition. Coloring a set is not an easy task for a beginner like me.. A BIG thanks to my friend freakyfir a.k.a Muhammad Firdaus for guiding me with tons of tips and suggestions to pull through.

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