Sunday, 25 September 2016

Inktober 2015!

Finally get a chance to put up my 2015 Inktober compilation. Check out my Instagram account for more details! This particular year I am working on an RPG Character Theme. All of these are heavily inspired by the games and fantasy stuff I used to grew up with. Inktober 2016 is coming up aaandd I am getting ready for it! :D

'Hello again October!'

'Bloom Fairy'

'Prowling the Woods'

'Ranged Specalist'

'Wizard Companion'

'The Alchemist in Training'

'King and the Lionheart'

'The Fox Merchant'

'Durandal the Smith Master'

'Woody the Woodcutter'

'Raaji the Bandit Prince'


'The Tailor in Training'

'Black Mage'

'Marid the Rogue'

'Butterfly Fairy'


'Little Princess'

'Sunny Side Up'

'The Wandering Swordsman'

'Kaylee the Engineer'

'Moving Out!'

'Olivia the Pirate Lady'

'Sylph the Wind Spirit'

'Undine the Water Spirit'

'Earth Gnome'

'Efreet the Fire Spirit'

'Rem the Spirit of Light'

'Shadow the Spirit of Darkness'

'Celcius the Spirit of Ice'

'Volt the Lightning Spirit'

Saturday, 30 January 2016


Ohmygosh! Its been a longgg while since the last time I've updated this site! Here is a superhero ink I did last year~ Gotta dust off the ink and get back to work soon!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Bridal Shower Gift for My Dear Friend

Did this illustration for my best friend Acel for her bridal shower gift.  A picture of me, Devy and Nyssa giving blessing to our little Miss Sunshine. I cant put into words how happy I am to see my dear BFF finally become a bride and made such a huge step up in life!

This is my 1st time printing  on canvas paper, and very satisfied with the result! ^^ Thanks Briliant Prints for the briliant service! :D

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Splashy Birds

I was working on a mobile game title called "Splashy Birds" with +Muhammad Firdaus Mohd Noor .
We were developing the game as a part time basis, wanting to learn and go through the process on how to make an app from the beginning to the end.

I was in charge of the art assets, where in the other hand, my friend Firdaus was working on the programming side. Along the way, Fir was participating on giving some input on how to improve the visual. Since both of us comes from a visual background. It was such an up and down journey for both of us to finally ship the product to the app store~ The whole process has been amazing!

Link to download the game:
Google Play: